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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hello, my name is Walker Wilson and I am the founder of Wilson Dance Studio. I started dance late in life at the age of 17, but quickly realized what an important part it would play in making me who I am today. 

I began my dance training at a local ballet studio, Turning Pointe School of Dance, training in Ballet and Contemporary.  I danced in that world at various studios and companies for the next 8+ years, building my ability and knowledge of dance, the human body, and movement to music.  During college, I trained at Arthur Murray International dance studio, where I had the opportunity and benefit of learning under some of the countries best instructors and coaches, and dancing with national and world ballroom champions.  After I graduated college, where I received an exercise science degree from GVSU, I continued to teach ballet and ballroom, both at studios and on my own on the side.  It was during this transitional time that I discovered my true passion and gift for teaching dance to people who want to do something amazing.

I started Wilson Dance Studio with the goal of giving to others the same benefits that I have gained through dancing.  Not only is dancing something that I enjoy doing most in my life, it also keeps me active, young, and healthy, it has built my self-confidence, and through it I have met some of the most important people in my life.  Having taught so many hundreds of people in my career, I have truly seen what an incredible impact dancing can have on individuals, their well-being, and their relationships.  Some people are looking to lose weight, be more active, or improve their cardio-respiratory health - dancing is a more fun alternative for them.  Some struggle with low self-confidence or low self-esteem, and learning something fun, creative, and strong like dancing boosts their view of themselves, and helps them live a happier, stronger life.  Still others are looking to grow closer to their significant other, and learning something as in depth and enjoyable as dance helps them to understand both themselves and their partner at a deeper level, improves relational rifts, and makes their relationship more spontaneous and exciting.  

There are countless reasons why people would want to learn dance, and I love helping all of them.  So whether you are looking to meet new people, develop a new hobby, or want to get healthier, I can assure you that dancing can help you in ways you couldn't imagine, because dancing has helped me.  

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