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Wilson Dance Studio's passion for dance is matched only by our dedication to creating vibrant and engaging community experiences for our students. Our events are specially curated to enhance your dance journey, offering opportunities to practice, socialize, and most importantly, have fun! These events invite students of all levels to dance in a relaxed, social environment.

Whether you're looking to hone a specific dance style, mingle with fellow students, or want to let loose at a themed party, our studio events have something for everyone.

The weekly group sessions on Tuesday's and Thursday's allow current students to practice and perfect what they've learned in private lessons. With these dedicated sessions for different levels, you can immerse yourself in the featured dance style of the week, ensuring that each step becomes second nature. Plus, it's a fantastic way to connect with other dance enthusiasts!

Please browse through our events below and mark your calendars. All weekly events and themed parties are free for current students.

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

Weekly Events

Tuesdays @ 7:15
Bronze 1 Group

For current students to practice what they’ve learned in a lesson with their fellow students.  A great way to remember what you’ve learned and meet new people!

Check calendar for featured dance style.
Thursdays @ 7:15
Bronze 3 & 4 Groups

For current students to practice what they’ve learned in a lesson with their fellow students.  A great way to remember what you’ve learned and meet new people!

Check calendar for featured dance style.
Thursdays @ 8:00 ~ Social Party

Join us for a fun and easy way to dance what you’ve learned in a social environment.  All levels and all experiences are welcome. 

Monthly themed parties with refreshments provided.

Check calendar for party updates

Annual Galas

June 2 - Venetian Masquerade Gala

Get ready for a magical evening at our Venetian Masquerade Gala, where the mystique and allure of Venice come alive!

Adorn yourself in your most magnificent attire, choosing from elegant gowns, elaborate masks, and sophisticated suits that echo the grandeur of Venetian tradition. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of a Venetian masquerade, where every mask tells a story and every dance step is a whisper of romance.

Embrace the spirit of Venice as you step into a realm of mystery and beauty. An evening of spectacular dance, unparalleled elegance, and memories that will linger long after the masks come off! 🎭🍷🎻🌹🏰🎉

Monthly Events

Once a month for our Thursday party @ 8pm, we add a sprinkle of themed magic, transforming our studio into a unique dance haven. From the spirit of college football in September to the glitz and glam of December, our monthly themed parties are a highlight you won't want to miss.

Please browse through our themed events below and mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

September 28th - College Football Fall Fest
Kickoff September with the spirit of camaraderie, competition, and celebration with our "College Football Fall Fest" themed party!

As the air gets crisper and college rivalries heat up the gridiron, we invite you to sport your favorite team's jersey, wave your pennants, and showcase your dance moves with the same enthusiasm as a touchdown dance.

Whether you're a die-hard football fan or just in it for the halftime show, this event combines the thrill of the game with the joy of dance. Come huddle up with fellow students and dance your way to a touchdown this fall!

October 19th - Country Western
Dust off those cowboy boots, don your favorite checkered shirts, and embrace the spirit of the Wild West!

As the unmistakable strains of country tunes fill the air, you can expect line dancing, square dancing, and maybe even a little two-step action on the floor. Whether you're a seasoned cowboy or cowgirl or just looking for a taste of southern hospitality, this event promises a night of fun, frolic, and foot-tapping rhythms.

So, grab your hat, y'all, and join us for a country-themed dance night that'll have you hollerin' for more!

November 16th - Pajama Party

November is all about comfort, coziness, and, of course, dance! We're excited to introduce our laid-back "Pajama Party" theme, where you can slide into your favorite sleepwear and dance the night away without the constraints of formal attire.

Think fluffy slippers, fun onesies, and those old-school PJs you love. The studio will embrace a homey atmosphere, adorned with soft lighting, plush pillows, and maybe even a few bedtime storybooks scattered around for fun. It's a unique blend of the relaxation of a sleepover and the joy of dance.

So, join us, groove to your heart's content in your coziest attire, and enjoy a dance event unlike any other. After all, who says you can't mix bedtime and boogie?

November 30th - Spotlight Party
A fun evening with student mini-performances and open dancing.  Get a practice run in before the big Gala, or just do a fun dance at our very rare Spotlight Party! 
February 8th - Valentines Party

Join us for a Valentine's Day celebration filled with love and sparkle! Singles, couples, friends, family, we welcome you all. Dress in your most dazzling, romantic attire – think reds, pinks, and a touch of sparkle. It's the perfect time to express your style and feel fabulous.

We're laying out the love-themed red carpet for an evening of romance and elegance. Every twinkle and shimmer will capture the magic and charm of Valentine's Day.

From sequins and glitter to velvets and satins, let your outfit reflect the warmth and joy of this special occasion. Come dressed in your most enchanting attire and let's turn this Valentine's Day into an unforgettable evening of dancing and celebration! 💖🌹✨

February 15th - Mardi Gras Party

Join us for an electrifying Mardi Gras party that's all about vibrant colors and extravagant fun! Dress in your most colorful, flamboyant outfits to capture the spirit of Mardi Gras. Think bold purples, greens, and golds, adorned with beads, feathers, and masks.

We're transforming the dance floor into a Carnival paradise, where every burst of color and sparkle brings the essence of Mardi Gras to life.

Embrace the festive spirit with feathers, sequins, and all things that glitter. Let your attire be as lively and spirited as the festival itself. Come decked out in your most festive Mardi Gras garb and let's make this party a dazzling spectacle of fun and festivity! 🎉🎭🌈

March 14th - St Patrick's Green Party

Join us for a St. Patrick's Day celebration like no other! Embrace the luck of the Irish and dress in your best shades of green.

We're decking out the studio with shamrocks and all things green, creating the perfect backdrop for a night of lively Irish charm. It's a time for festive music, joyful dancing, and embracing the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.

Accessorize with clovers, glitter, and any green-themed attire that captures the essence of this fun-filled holiday. Get ready to jig, reel, and twirl in your most festive green outfit. 🍀💚🌈

March 28th - March Madness Party

Get ready for a March Madness Party that's all about energetic vibes and basketball fun! Dress in your favorite team jerseys, athletic wear, or anything that screams basketball fan.

We're creating a sporty atmosphere and setting the stage for a night of high-energy music and moves. It's the perfect occasion to show off your team spirit and love for the game.

Whether it's rocking your favorite player's jersey, sporting team colors, or donning basketball-themed accessories, let your outfit reflect your passion for the sport. 🏀🎉🕺💃

April 18th - Barbie Oppenheimer Party

Gear up for a dazzling Barbie & Oppenheimer Party that brings together the best of both worlds – the chic glamour of Barbie and the sophisticated allure of Oppenheimer. Imagine Barbie meets James Bond in style!

We're transforming our dance floor into a glamorous setting that combines Barbie's iconic fashion with Oppenheimer's refined elegance. Expect an evening filled with classy tunes, stylish dancing, and an ambiance that's both playful and posh.

Whether you choose to embrace Barbie's signature pink and glitz or lean towards Oppenheimer's sleek and suave look, let your outfit be a creative blend of these two iconic styles. 💃🕺💎🌟

May 16th - Disney Party

Prepare for a magical Disney Party where fairy tales and fun come to life! Dress up as your favorite Disney character, whether it's a classic princess, a daring hero, or a beloved animated star.

We're creating a whimsical atmosphere filled with Disney magic. It's a night to relive the wonder of childhood and celebrate the timeless tales that have captured our hearts.

Come dressed in your most imaginative Disney attire and let's make this Disney Party a night of enchanting dance and magical memories! 🏰✨👸🤴🎉

May 30th - Beach Bash Party

Get ready for a sun-soaked May Beach Bash like no other! Dive into a world of fun and excitement where the beach vibes meet thrilling party energy.

Dress to impress in your best beach-themed attire – think Hawaiian shirts, sundresses, board shorts, or even as your favorite beach movie character. We're bringing the spirit of summer to life with a vibrant, beach-themed setting.

Join us for a night of lively music, dancing under the stars, and unforgettable beachside fun. Let's kick off the summer season with a splash at our May Beach Bash! 🌴🌊🌞🏖️🎉

June 13th - Wear All White Party

Gear up for an elegant All White Party this May! Embrace the theme by dressing in your most stylish white attire – from chic dresses to sharp suits, make sure it's all in white.

We're transforming our venue into a sleek and sophisticated paradise, creating the perfect backdrop for an evening of elegance and fun.

Join us for a night of classy entertainment, dancing, and mingling with friends, all dressed in the purity and simplicity of white. Let's make this All White Party a dazzling and unforgettable experience! 🤍🎉💃🕺🍾

July 11th - Colonial American 4th of July Party

Get ready to step back in time for a Colonial American-themed 4th of July Party! Embrace the spirit of the founding era by donning attire inspired by the 18th century.

Celebrate Independence Day in a truly unique and immersive way, honoring the roots of American history.

Join us for a fun evening of celebration. Let's commemorate the 4th of July with a nod to our nation's beginnings at our Colonial American Party! 🇺🇸🎆🍽️🎻🥁

August 8th - Yacht Rocks Party

Set sail for an unforgettable Yacht Rock Party! Dress in your nautical best – think captain's hats, sailor stripes, and breezy, maritime-inspired outfits.

We're creating the ultimate yacht-like ambiance, decked out with seafaring decor and the smooth, mellow tunes of classic yacht rock. It's the perfect setting to drift away into a night of laid-back luxury and oceanic vibes.

Join us for an evening of smooth music, summer styles, and dancing. Let's rock the boat with style at our Yacht Rock Party! ⚓🛥️🎶🌊🍹

August 29th - Clash of The Decades 70's vs 80's Disco Party

Get ready for a groovy and electrifying Clash of The Decades 70's vs 80's Disco Party! Choose your era and dress to impress – whether it's bell-bottoms and platform shoes for the 70s or neon leggings and big hair for the 80s.

We're turning up the nostalgia with a vibrant disco atmosphere that celebrates the best of both decades. From glittering disco balls to neon lights, it's a throwback showdown where retro music and iconic styles collide.

Join us for a night of funky beats, classic hits, and a dance-off between the decades. Let's boogie and bust a move at our 70's vs 80's Disco Party! 🕺💃🎶🔮🎉

September 12th - Country Western Party

Yeehaw! Gear up for a boot-stompin' Country Western Dance Party! Don your best cowboy hats, boots, denim, and plaid, and get ready to embrace the country spirit.

We're bringing the charm of the Wild West to life with rustic decor, and a country-style setting. It's the perfect backdrop for a night of line dancing, music, and down-home fun.

Join us for an evening of two-stepping, square dancing, and lively country music. Let's kick up some dust and have a rootin' tootin' good time at our Country Western Dance Party! 🤠👢🎻🌵🎉

October 31st - Halloween Party

Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween Party! Dress up in your most creative, eerie, or whimsical costumes and prepare to enter a world of hauntingly fun festivities.

We're transforming our venue into a Halloween haven, complete with cobwebs, jack-o'-lanterns, and ghostly decor. It's the ultimate setting for a night of frights, delights, and supernatural surprises.

Join us for an evening of creepy music, bone-chilling games, and a costume contest with prizes. Let's make this Halloween Party an unforgettable night of ghoulish pleasure and spooky entertainment! 🎃👻🕷️🕸️🧛‍♂️🧟‍♀️🎉

November 14th - Neon Glow Party

Get ready to light up the night at our electrifying Neon Glow Party! Dress in your brightest neon attire and be prepared to glow under the black lights.

We're transforming the space into a vibrant neon wonderland, illuminated with glowing decorations, UV lights, and colorful accents. It's the perfect setting for an evening of dazzling fun and radiant energy.

Join us for a night of glowing beats, luminescent activities, and a dance floor that's alive with color. Let's make this Neon Glow Party a brilliantly unforgettable experience! 💡🎨🕺💃🌈🎉


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